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Travelease Protection


Our TravelEase Protection program is mandatory for all our property owners and renters and provides a seamless experience and peace of mind. Guests are required to pay a non-refundable fee per reservation, which we hold. The program covers a range of benefits that benefit everyone involved. This only applies to reservations that are less than 30 days.

Red – only included in our premium management package

** Please note that as this is a guest-paid service, coverage may be subject to change.***

What it Covers


Cancellation & Rescheduling Guarantee

If we fail to rebook the dates that the guest cancels, we will pay the owner 100% of their reservation minus your management fee
(unless it is due to bad weather)


This applies for reservations that are canceled between 30-14 days prior to their reservation.

Inclement Weather

We will encourage the guest to reschedule their reservation for a later time & not cancel completely.

Damage Coverage

We will pay up to $5,000 per reservation for intentional or unintentional damages to the property by guests.

Monthly Maintenance

All of your light bulbs, batteries & air filters will be changed at NO cost.

Guest App

Keeping the booking process easy & simple encourages guests to rebook with us and stay year after year.

Wear & Tear Items


This list is not exclusive, but examples

Paid for by MPM Vacation Rentals

Light Bulbs

Shower Curtain Liners & Hooks


Bath Mats


Toilet Guts & Wax Ring

Kitchen Items (blender, crockpot, small appliances)

Hockey Pucks & Paddles

Coffee Maker


Mattress Pads

Pool Sticks & Balls


Grill Brush & Utensils


Linen (coming soon Feb 2024)

Towels; including beach towels

Life Jacket

Pillow protectors

Mattress protectors


Hot Tub Floater

Paid for by Owner

Floors: wears & tear, scratches, or damage

Arcade: repairs or replacement

Carpet: upkeep or replacement

Pool Table Felt & Pockets: repairs or replacement

Indoor Furniture: wear & tear or replacement

Outside Furniture: wear & tear or replacement

TV: wear & tear or replacement

Grill: wear & tear or replacement

Appliances: repairs or replacements

Firepit: upkeep or repairs

Fireplace: upkeep or repairs

Hot Tub: repairs or replacement

Blinds: wears & tear or replacement

HVAC: upkeep, repairs or replacement

Ceiling Fan: wear & tear or replacement

Deck: repairs or replacement

Decor: wear & tear or replacement

Staining: upkeep or repairs

Sofa Sleeper: wear & tear or replacement

Water System: upkeep or repairs

Sofa Sleeper Mattress: wear & tear or replacement

Septic: upkeep & pumping

Bedspreads: wear & tear or replacement

Landscape: upkeep or repairs

Shower Heads: wear & tear or replacement

Frozen or Busted Pipes: upkeep or replacement

Shower Curtain: wear & tear or replacement

Damages caused by a Dog (if your cabin is pet-friendly)

Showers: repairs or replacement

Damages caused by Pest (bed bugs, termites, bees, etc.)

Sink & Toilet: repairs or replacement

Damages caused by Wildlife (squirrels, birds, bears, etc.)